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Why A&B Money

How to send money?

How quick can the money reach the beneficiary’s account in Thailand?

Is our exchange rate better than others?

How trustworthy is our company?

Is it safe?

Is our fee cheaper than others?

Why A&B Money?

Why A&B Money?

On our long journey of money transfer to Thailand and around the world, we have heard and answered so many difficult questions from all levels of customers. Thanks to those questions that made us wanted to find the best products and services in money transfer and serve our customer with our best ability. We have changed the ‘impossible into possible’ in money transfer and that made us the top company when compare to most money transfer establishments and high street banks.

Is our fee cheaper than others?

  Yes, our fee is cheaper than most if not all of the money transfer services and high street banks that are available in UK. Once you have registered to become our member you will automatically receive a free transfer service from us. Moreover if you are an existing member and recommend us to a friend you will also receive a free transfer service. A number of free transfer service is based on how many people you have recommended, for example you recommended us to 3 friends you will receive 3 free transfer services.

Fee starts from £2/€2 and ends at £25/€25 for amount over £2,000/€2,000. 

Is it safe?

Our server is very safe and secured as it’s linked in with Visa/ Master Card system as well as B2B directly to your bank, meaning that your transactions are securely processed and being looked after by your bank provider. 

How trustworthy is our company?

  We can proudly say that we are the first fully Thai own money transfer company in the UK that have branches running in 4 different countries as well as licence to operate in more than 32 countries around the world. You can check our licence and regulations under Regulatory info’ and many more awards and certificates under ‘Press& Awards’ on our website. 

Is our exchange rate better than others?

  Yes, our rate is much better and higher than any other money transfer services and high street banks that are available in UK. It’s more or less the same as On Shore Rate from all banks in Thailand. We also have Wholesale Rate for business customers and those who wish to transfer £5,000/ €5,000 or over. 

  We offer what we called ‘Fast Track’ service where the beneficiary can expect the money to be in their account within the same day (if you make a payment before 12.00 noon) and next working day service as a normal service if you use online banking or card payment. 

How quick can the money reach the beneficiary’s account in Thailand?

How to send money?

- Bank transfer i.e. online banking, mobile banking and at your local branch.

- Pay in by Debit or Credit card on our secured website or E-Mobile (iOS and Android) or call to our friendly customer service team. 

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Bank Criteria & Regulations requirement

How are we reliable?

How long for money transfer process?

Why we request you to provide evidence for support payment transaction?

How can customers be sure? How are documents stored safely?

Why register with us?

Why do we ask for supporting document?


How secure does the remittance process?

Bank Rules and Bank Regulations

Bank Rules and Bank Regulations

Our company complies with the European Union Financial Market Rules. And the United States. Including the rules of the bank to transfer money to customers. To ensure that customers get the best service, fast and secure for both individual customers and business customers. Our team is well-trained by money launderers (MLRO) to ensure that all transfers are not related to money laundering and financial terrorists. A & B General (UK) Ltd and corporate representatives from around the world will not be involved in any financial crimes.

Bank Rules and Bank Regulations

Why register with us?

To comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) regulations, we need to make sure who are exactly our customers. We need the documents to confirm the identity. These documents are in accordance with the Bank's regulations and applicable global regulations in order to ensure that the senders and the receivers are under the control of international regulations.

Why register with us?


Why do we ask for supporting document?

The process of KYC entails identifying the customer and verifying the identity by using reliable and independent documents or information. While opening different accounts, the Bank collects documents to identify and verify the customer as required under the existing laws to demonstrate that it has performed the existing KYC procedures.

Identity Proof (any one of the following)
- Passport
- Voter’s Identity Card
- Driving license
- Identity card (subject to the bank’s satisfaction)
Address Proof (any one of the following within 90 day)
- Utility bill
- Bank account statement received by mail / courier along with signature verification by the Banker or a cheque drawn on that account for a minimum amount as specified by the Bank, deposited into the account
- Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of the bank)
- Other document/Letter has issued by government organisations.
The company must comply with the financial regulations for all source of funds under the Money Laundering Act of 2007. We need all supporting documents for both sender (where the money come from) and receivers. Under Laws 8 to check the money transfers and laws 14 To prevent money transfers persons who were financially sanctioned. We want to make sure that every transaction is legitimate and according to government regulations. So, we need to make sure by requesting additional documents to support the all transfers. Transaction will be temporary blocked If it is still in the process of investigating for the source and destination of fund.

Why we request you to provide evidence for support payment transaction?

How can customers be sure? How are documents stored safely?


All documents are securely stored under Internet Security. Also, the system is the same standard. Customers can be assured that all documents will not be shared to the 3rd parties under ICO and PCI DSS controls. Customer information will only be used for benefits of the company and only customers and for risk control. We are working closely with compliance to ensure that all clients transactions are governed by law.

How secure does the remittance process?

We have a system of buying and selling money under the swift payment and acquiring system, which is the same security system as the general standard bank. For the Debit / Credit card system, customers are automatically connected to Visa and MasterCard and money transfer system such as online money transfer is an automatic connection between banks to banks. All customers will be protected from the banking system.


How are we reliable?

Our company is legally registered with the Ministry of Finance (FCA) and is directly affiliated with the Money Laundering Offices under the HMRC. We also apply for a transaction license with the EU, we have been licensed in 32 countries in Europe. The company registered its corporate income tax return with the IRS at Illinois, Chicago, where it has received a transfer license with FinCEN. IT Electronic security, we have been licensed with the storage agency and protects customer information from the ICO, as well as standard card protection systems. PCI DSS is the same standard as all international banks.

How are we reliable?

How long for money transfer process?

We can offer both fast track service which is the same day and normal service which is the ordinary next day. We have no restrictions on transfer limits or even if bank holidays in Thailand.

How long for money transfer process?

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Press & Awards


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A&B General (UK) Ltd has received the invitation from AUKPI Group to join in a member in 2015. We have shown the group members the importance and growth of money transfer business in Thai Baht.

HMRC’s Money Laundering

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Inspector visited our office to check on our procedure and how we control and monitor the risk of money laundering. HMRC was very satisfied and later on we received a clear confirmed from them.

In 2015, A&B General (UK) Ltd

Awards intelligence




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We have crowned the Best UK/Thai Money Transfer Services with the biggest market share from the financial markets. The award was to celebrate the UK’s most promising and fast-growing business and we were recognised for our fantastic track-record of growth since we started in 2009.





In 2016, A&B General (UK) Ltd

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We have received the title of “The Best UK/Thai Money Transfer Services” by providing multi solutions and stay the top of market share in the financial markets.

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Global 100




We have finally received crowned award from an index of the Global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. This mean A&B Money step on the global level of FX Provider & Payment services.


A&B Money Plus First Thai Bank Account in the UK and Europe

For our fellow countrymen who wants to send money back home might have heard about us and know who are what we do as "A&B MONEY". It is a financial services company which established in the UK for more than 10 years. Moreover, apart from mentioned above, not only we are a mediator within money transfers, we do also providing with a sufficient, effective, accurate, high secure services and the best exchange rate on the market as well.

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In 2019

GOBAL 100 I 2019



A & B General (UK) Limited, the foreign exchange broker under trading name ‘ABFX’ evolved the money business in London, UK since 2009. At the present, Leader of UK/Thailand Money Transfer Service and Prepaid Bank Account Provider 2019 – UK is awarded to us and being as the leader of UK-Thailand money service provider...

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Regulatory Information

A&B General (UK) Limited is our parent company, and the company through which we transact with most clients since 2009. The registered address is M228, Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Road and Correspondent address is 163 Bellville House, 4 John Donne Way, London SE10 9FW

A&B General (UK) Limited is a UK registered company - our company number is 6928080. You can look this up on the Companies House website.
A&B General (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the HM Revenue & Custom ("HMRC") for money laundering Regulations (MLR). Our Firm Reference Number is 12570247.
A&B General (UK) Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA")
under the payment Institution regulations (API). Our firm Reference number is 716949.
You can look this up on the FCA register website.

A&B General (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by Data Protection Register Entry Details ("ICO") for obtain clients document and secured with high standard security as same level as bank do. Our Firm Reference Number is ZA077710.


A&B General Group Limited is our local company in Thailand, and the company has connecting with our own branch in Europe and United States of America since 2008. The registered address is 299 Siamnivet Teparak Road Smutprakarn 10270.

A&B General Group Limited is a Thailand registered company with Department of Business development - our company number is 0115551012335.

We are processing our own licence with Bank of Thailand for authorised by the Bank of Thailand ("BOT") under the E-payment & Money Transfer Institution.

A&B General Group Limited is following a bank criteria of social bank which under the Thailand regulations and Thailand Money Laundering Regulations (“amlo.go.th”)



A&B General (USA), Inc. is our local company in Chicago Illenoise, We are operated FX broker specialist in Thai Baht Company for served the largest Thai market in the world for send money back homeland since 2012. The registered address is 968 S Park Ter Chicago IL 60605-2018

A&B General (USA), Inc. is registered company with Department of the Treasury and Secretary of State in Illinois (“USA”) - our company number is 68398975. We have connected with Illinoise Department of Financial and Professional Regulation under division of Financial Institution

A&B General (USA), Inc. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Department of the Treasury (“FinCEN”). Our Firm Reference Number is 31000015324841.

A&B General (USA), Inc. is secured the surety bond for our clients with State of Illinois Department of Financial & professional Regulation Bond No. 1060187.

A&B General Sweden AB is our local money transfer service for Thai people who lived in Scandinavia (North of Europe) to send money back homeland (Thailand) in 2016. The register address is 556822-1617. Trading Office, Riddarevägen 13, 191 33 Sollentuna, Sweden.

A&B General Sweden AB is (“Agent”) of our parent company in UK. A&B General Sweden AB is passporting from Financial Services Authority, United Kingdom under the payment Services Regulations 2009 (API Firm Reference No. 716949) for the provision of payment services and HM Revenue&Customs No.‎‎12570247.

A&B General Sweden AB is notified approved as an Agent by Finansinspekti (“FI”) for right to operate payment services (http://www.fi.se/Folder-EN/Startpage/About-FI/)


TONY SHOP GmbH (Asia Foodland) is connected with A&B General (UK) Limited as an (“Agent”) for operated local branch in Berlin Germany.

We are serving the payment services for the most Thai population in Europe who lived in Germany to send money back homeland (Thailand) in 2016. The register address is Kantstrabe 53 Berlin 10627 Germany

TONY SHOP GmbH (Asia Foodland) is (“Agent”) of our parent company in UK. A&B General Germany is passporting from Financial Services Authority, United Kingdom under the payment Services Regulations 2009 (API Firm Reference No. 716949) for the provision of payment services and HM Revenue&Customs No.‎‎12570247.

TONY SHOP GmbH (Asia Foodland) is notified approved as an Agent by Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”)
for right to operate payment services (https://www.bafin.de/EN/Homepage/homepage_node.html)


A&B General (UK) Limited has growth exceed the limited of SPI worth 36 Million Euro per annual. And we have upgrade to (“API”) and become to the Authorise Payment Institutions which it the highest licence level in Europe for operate payments services in 2016.

A&B General (UK) Limited is connect EEA passporting to every countries membership in Europe and have notifies approved by all local regulator for each countries that made us able to operate a FX broker company services for all European countries by following



A&B General (UK) Limited has been approved by each EEA Membership countries regulations for operate FX broker company services. A&B General (UK) Limited have aim power to promote (“Agent”) for operating under regulations or controlling by ourselves.


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We started our business in a small room in Thailand from the ideas of “saving money on FX on THAI BAHT for Thai people” abroad. We offer the lowest fee and give you a higher exchange rate when compared to major money exchange shops and UK high-street banks. We developed a better services and system under our own language to provide the best service for Thai people in the UK. Since starting, the company has grown from a tiny unknown company to a most admired and talked about UK-Thailand FX Broker Company in the UK. We set up ‘’A&B General Group (Thailand) Ltd’’ as a company name for the purpose of processing local payment in Thailand by connecting orders from our branch in UK, Europe and USA only. A&B General Group Ltd, does not operate services from a local customer in Thailand.

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We studied the Rules and Regulations and the possibility of operating the business in the UK. We observed particularly at the system of most banks and money exchange shops on high-street. We learnt that we could do so much more and even better. We came across the thought of ‘’if we can save customers money on the transfer fee and provide them with a higher exchange rate as well as a faster process under our own language then we would be on a superior side’’ and if we could do that, customers won’t be losing any more money on hidden fees. We were aware that there will definitely be hurdle but we never gave up. We strongly believe that this would make a massive change for the first time in the UK to a FX Broker market amongst Thai people.

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We set up A&B General (UK) Ltd in London, England under Financial Conduct Authority Licence, providing services on FX and currency exchange. This had made us the first Thai owned FX Broker institution in the UK. We operate under the trading name of ‘’A&B Money” as given to us by customers. We also learned from customer reviews, developed as well as made changes according to customers’ needs in order to improve our current products and services.

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We were fully aware that we have just started a company and was slowly growing.Obviously there were many obstacles, especially in 2010 from our main competitors like Western Union and Money Gram. Many of those companies offered us very interesting Terms & Conditions as they would make us under their mandate or in other words “Sub Agent”. Although we were very small at the time we did politely refused their offer and conditions because we always wanted to stand by ourselves and adhere on the thoughts of our own.

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From our honestly, endurance and hard work, the company has grown rapidly with unique, faster and better valued as a FX Broker company under the use our own language. We have compared different methods and services that were available in the FX services market at the time and selected the best ones to provide our customers with outstanding service. And by 2011 the name ‘’A&B Money’’ became the talk of the town regarding FX services amongst Thai communities around the UK.

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We set up A&B General USA Inc in Chicago, Illinois under Bank Regulations in the United States in both the Federal and State levels providing FX services between Thailand and USA. It was a big and important step for as we have reached a third continent and finally got a chance to deal with US dollars. We were hoping that open such a market in America where the Thai population is exceeding 300,000 would be quite successful and in another hand it would also be much more competitive than the UK. We were surprised as we later found out that we were the only main USA-Thailand FX Broker company and that we were the first Thai owned company to do so in America.

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Due to the financial crisis and economy downturn in Europe and the UK’s inflation problem in 2013, the UK government has introduced tougher rules and tightened up regulations for FX services business, resulting in the closure of as many as 300 related companies. But with the hard work and efforts that we put through that time, we managed to avoid being scraped by the tougher rules and regulations that were placed by the government. The Regulator even complimented our system that was made and developed by us and praised the way we worked on anti-money laundering checking as well as our database system.

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We were the first and only Thai FX Broker company who got invited to join the UKPI Group, an exclusive group where we can share and exchange the news and information about FX services business. That was the beginning of the idea of expanding our company to into other countries in Europe. Not long after that we have been introduced a newly and effectively Card Payment system by a top UK company meaning that we could take a payment from any bank card in the world. It was the first time that we could open a Card Payment system for Thai people abroad. It is unusual, as most Merchant companies would not open this sort of facility to a FX Broker company.

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We have grown to be No.1 UK-Thailand FX Broker Company with the total market share of 53.25% and more than 2 billion THAI Baht of total transferred value in 2014. We became an Authorised Payment Institution (API) with a MSB account under the HM Treasury and later were awarded ‘’Best UK-Thailand FX Broker Company” in 2015. And we are planning open a company in Germany in 2016 and many more countries in the near future to in order to serve the needs of Thai people around the world and helping them saving money on FX.

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This year we have expanded our business across Europe and expect to open our first European agent in Stockholm, Sweden early 2017. It comes as a surprise that Sweden has the Thai population of over 40,000 people. Finansinspektionen (FI), a finance division in Swedish Ministry of Finance has opened their arms and let us starts the business there. Moreover we have also been granted a licence from Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), a German financial regulatory authority to operate our business in Germany and we expect to serve some of the over 60,000 Thai people there.

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The leader of FOREX industry like FXPRO has visited us with surprise impact. They would like to be our alliance for co-ordination the Thai Investor from around the world under our wallet system. FXPRO’s Thai clients have sale growth average 200,000 US Dollar/week ($10.39 Million) now has rely with us which are boost up on our business turnover. This is another victory for us. And another confidence accepted of leader foreign partners

We have crown 2 biggest finance award this year in the title of ‘The Best Money Transfer Europe/Thailand 2017’ from Wealth & Finance Award 2017 and Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the world

With 3 Years of our success, we decided to move into the banking system, which is the highest point in financial sector. In the near future, we will be able to open a GBP and EUR bank account for anyone in Europe. Those mean, we can help and support available to 33 nationals within European Union, under name of ‘A&B Money Plus’ You do not have to mess with high street local bank anymore.

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Moreover, we have made a determination to turn our business as well as constitute to become a “BANK” sector which is the highest level or achievement within financial institution. For this reason, we have clearly fulfilled and meet all demands from our Thai customers in the UK and European countries.


Generally, we could say that we all have been into the most difficult time during BREXIT in 2018. The Pound’s also has dropped to its lowest over the last 10 years. In addition, we decided to enter Hong-Kong and Chinese market which eventually we have succeeded our collaboration with “Alibaba” one of the world’s biggest online commerce company. It helped our company to generate growth and representing 258 percent growth from the sum reported profit last year.

In conclusion, all the hard work we have done including our dedication and commitment have paid off as A&B General Ltd was recognized as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation in the world for the third consecutive year.


A&B General Limited is ''the first Thai Baht specialist FX Payment company in the UK'' operated by Thai people.


A&B General (UK) Ltd is registered with Financial Conduct Authority Ref : 716949 (www.fsa.gov.uk/register/). 
  We are a FX Broker Company which offers the lowest fee and higher FX than high street banks. Our aim is to provide the best service and exchange rates for our clients. We also offer a special minimum fee starting from £2 for your transfer. You can become one of our members to use our services. Our friendly teams are more than happy to help you save money on the FX. We are delighted to provide both individuals and companies to send money to Thailand via our best FX offers. Our members can save hundreds of pound by avoiding the high street banks' foreign exchange rates and services by using a specialist foreign exchange instead. We try to offer our members the best rates which is close to the interbank rate, the best rate for large international companies.
  A&B General (UK) Limited has a successful business built through trust and honesty. We are proud to present our achievements for private and corporate clients since our trading operation started in 2007.
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Easy Transfer

Send money to Thailand or elsewhere with A&B Money

Easy and Safe with 4 simple steps

Make your order – Tell us which currency and how much you would like to transfer then provide us with beneficiary’s account details. You can do this by either ‘’Order your payment’’ on our website, Application or call directly to us.

Use your ‘’Special’’ benefits – You can any membership benefits for example ‘’Free Transfer, Fast Track or Reward Rate’’ depending on membership code availability and the amount transfer.

Make a transfer to us – You can do this by Bank transfer or by Debit/ Credit card.

We transfer money for you – Sit back and relax; your money will be transferred and payment confirmation will be sent to your email.

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International Payment

Type of money transfer

   On our long journey of cross border payments and money transfer company, we learnt a lot about banking structure and system of large corporate like Visa and Master Card. The experience from all those years helped us visualised many possibilities and we picked aswell as adapted the best ideas and what we thought is right for Thai people under our language.

There are many different ways to transfer money abroad, both Bank and Non-Bank

Different types of Banking System

Electronic transfer is understood by many as 'Online Banking' but they are classified into several systems.

   This is an electronic system to make payments directly from one bank account to another. They're mainly used for Direct Debits and direct credits from organisations. The payments take 3 working days to clear, so money paid into your account on Monday will clear on Wednesday.

   Faster Payments Service (FPS) is a UK banking initiative introduced in 2002 by Barclays/ HSBC/ RBS to reduce payment times between different banks' customer accounts in fewer than 2 hours, and can be made same day – as long as both banks are part of the Faster Payments Service Although most electronic payments sent through Faster Payments will arrive at the recipient bank on the same day, this isn’t guaranteed.

   This guarantees same-day payment – so long as the instructions are received by certain time limited on a working day. It is suitable for buying a property or large business transfer. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can send, although there is a fee for this service depending on your bank.

   SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications. You can make a SWIFT payment to transfer money overseas or within the UK in a currency other than Sterling. It is sometimes Cross Boarder Fund. The SWIFT international payment network is one of the largest financial messaging systems in the world.

   SWIFT payments usually take 1-3 working days to reach their destination, however it is possible that they can take longer due to circumstances such as time differences between the sending and receiving country.

Non-Bank system or private companies/ organisations with licenses under the Ministry of Finance

   Payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorises debit/ credit card from major providers such as Visa/ Master Card/ AMEX/ Maestro or direct payments processing for e-businesses or online retailers (Amazon& e-Bay) etc. It is software and server that transmit Transaction information to Acquiring Banks and responses from Issuing Banks (such as whether a transaction is approved or declined). Essentially, Payment Gateways facilitate communication within banks.

   P2P is electronic money transfer made from one person to another through an intermediary, typically referred to as a P2P payment application. P2P payments can be sent and received via mobile device or any home computer with access to the Internet, offering a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods.

   World’s leading P2P electronic money transfer companies like Western Union/ Money Gram/ Travelex have their branch all over the globe. They mostly use convenience shop and stores as their agent or representors.

   E-wallet was founded in 2014 after the European Economic Crisis and radical change in anti-money laundering mostly against cash from bank regulators around the world.

   E-wallet is one of the innovations of Fintech technology. It is an online prepaid account where one can stock money, to be used when required. As it is a pre-loaded facility, consumers can buy a range of products from airline tickets to grocery without swiping a debit or credit card.

   E-wallet is an easy and safe way of transferring money under the bank supervision. The money can be loaded from your bank account into E-wallet system; hence it is called ‘E-Money’ or Electronic Money. The user will have set up a password in order to log in to the system. For example even if your mobile got stolen, the money will remain in the system. The user can download the application again and can check balance aswell as make normal transaction.

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How does it work?

  You will receive a ‘’Member Code’’ and our bank details through your email after the registration process has been completed. After you have received our bank account details you can transfer from your UK account into our account by either Internet/Online Banking, Telephone Banking or at Bank Counter at your nearest branch, and then let us know how much you transferred to us and let us know your bank details. We will know immediately that the money is your money by checking the amount and bank details you provided. Once we checked the details and they are matched with your records we will transfer the money into your beneficiary account and will send you a payment confirmation.

How to order your payment?

1. Contact us on during our opening hours to order your payment. There you will have to provide us with the amount you wish to transfer and the beneficiary account details.

2. One of our kind Customer Service Team members will confirm the exchange rate, transfer fee, total amount and how much you will receive at the destination.


3 easy ways of money transfer

1.Bank Transfer Transfer from your nearest or local bank

You can make a payment to us by transferring the fund to our account at your bank counter or in branch. Just let your bank know our account details and how much you wish to transfer.

Transfer via Online/Internet/Mobile Banking

If visiting your bank is inconvenient for you, you still can transfer the fund to us by electronic banking like online, internet or mobile banking. Just log in to your account the payment to us.

Transfer via Telephone Banking

   If visiting your bank or electronic banking is still inconvenient for you, don’t worry we have another solution. You can call your bank and transfer the fund via Telephone Banking. It is as easy as pie, just call your bank to let them know what you would like to do and provide them with relevant information.


2.Debit/ Credit Card Transfer

   If all the above methods are still unmanageable we have what we called the best and popular way of transferring money to us – it is Card Payment. You can transfer your fund to us by your bank debit or credit card. All you need to do is simply let us know the type of card, read out the long card number, expiry date and the 3-digits security number to us (just like what we used to do when ordering takeaways). We will then take the money from your card and transfer it across to Thailand for you. Fees start from 2% from the total transfer amount.

Debit Card : Fees are the same as Bank Transfer. It starts from £2 and stops at £25 if you transfer £2,000 or more.

Credit Card : Fee is at £3.50 per each £100 from the first £1-£800 then 3.5% of the transfer amount for £800 or more.


Thursday, 16 November 2017 10:35

Member Benefits

   To meet customers’ needs at our ‘‘best’’ in money transfer, we have developed the system that can be answered and to meet the demands of our customers. Our membership benefits can be shared and used with all members without having to be categorised as Member or Agent.

Here are the benefits:

1. A ‘‘Free Transfer’’ service on us after your registration has been completed. The Free Transfer service can be kept to use as a transfer fee at any time with no limit of transfer amount. Just let one of your team members know that you wish to use the Free Transfer.

2. Fees start from £2 (Except transactions that being made to Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives or Tor Kor Sor, the fees start from £4).

3. Flat fee of only £15 if you transfer £1,000 or more via ‘‘Bank Transfer’’.

4. Optional ‘’Reward Rate’’ if you transfer £5,000 or more and pay 1% fee from the total transfer amount e.g. £5,000 + £50 and £10,000 + £100.

5. The exchange rate will be fixed on the day you order your payment, so you don’t have to worry whether the rate will go up or down.

6. ‘‘Fast Track’’ service – receive your money in just one hour after 12.00pm. (Total transfer fee will be more than usual depending on the transfer amount).

7. Order your payment via Debit/Credit from anywhere around the world. Just read out the card details to us over the phone (like when you order takeaway) or Application on your phone or via our website https://ab-money.co.uk

Debit Card : Fees are the same as Bank Transfer, with fees start from £2 to the maximum of £25 when you transfer £2,000 or more. Credit Card : Fee is at £3.50 per each £100 for the first £1-£800 then 3.5% from the total transfer amount if transfer £800 or more.

8. ‘’Free Club’’ free transfer service by Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit card without limit on the transfer amount. The exchange rate will drop from the normal rate depending on the method of payments, and they are as: - Bank Transfer -1.5 Baht, Debit Card -2.00 Baht and Credit Card 2.50 Baht. For example if the rate is 45.00 and you wish to transfer by Debit Card and would like to use ‘‘Free Club’’ the rate you will receive is 43.00. It is like switching the person who pays for the transfer fee from the sender to the receiver.

9. Order your payment, receive news update, check daily exchange rate from our AB Money App from your Smart Phone and Tablet.

10. Receive daily exchange rate and important financial news and updates directly through your email so that you can keep a track on the financial market.

11. ‘‘Payment confirmation’’ you will automatically receive a Text Message to your mobile confirming the details of your order and an Email confirmation will be sent to your inbox once the money has been transferred.

Bank Transfer

   If you transfer before 3.00pm (UK time) your money will be in Thailand the next day, but if you transfer after 5.00pm the money will arrive in Thailand the day after. For more information, please contact 0203-355-9660 or check the daily exchange rate / transfer fees / order your payment at https://ab-money.co.uk

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Who are we?

   We are a private company to do international payment  under trading name a ‘ABFX’ We are a specialist in selling-buying foreign currencies to Thai Baht hence we were praised to be FX Broker Specialist in Thai Baht.

   We are the first Thai owned payment services company in the UK and fully operated by Thai people with the authorised firm by HMRC and FCA (Financial Services Authority). We are operated under Money Remittance licence : https://register.fca.org.uk/ShPo_FirmDetailsPage?id=001b000001HiyR6AAJ License number 716949 and MLR (Money Laundering Regulations) from HM Revenue & Custom of the United Kingdom No: 12570247

   A&B General (UK) Limited (Trading Name: ABFX) or commonly known as ‘’A&B Money’’ founded in 2009 from A&B General Group Ltd in Thailand with the transactions being dealt with and linked to 3 main state enterprises’ banks in Thailand. We send money directly to your designated beneficiary account with maximum security up to major high street bank standard and in our own language. All payment orders and transactions are connected to our banks in the UK/ Europe and Thailand.

   In 2013 we expanded to Chicago, Illinois in the USA and succeeded with FinCen international money transfer license. And in 2016 we upgraded our licence with FCA in the UK to operate FX transactions in 31 countries in Europe. We become a leading Thai money transfer company with the sending value of more than 4 billion Baht per year. The company grows an average of around 30-45% every year which is astonishingly high.

What exchange rate do we offer?

   Usually we offer Onshore Rate or real exchange rate in Thailand which typically higher than Offshore Rate from most money transfer shops and even high street banks. All exchange rates will be set up at 9.00am every morning and we will fix the rate for customers throughout the day. You will receive the money exactly the amount we inform you on the day plus there will be no additional charge at the destination. For a larger sum of money from business customers or for high-value purchases, such as car, homes with a premium of 5,000 pounds/euros or 150,000 Swedish kronor, we offer a higher rate than the bank called Reward Rate.

How much is the fee?

   The fees start from just £/ €2 per each 100 for the first 1-800 (i.e. 100+2, 200+4 and 300+6) then a fixed £/ €15 for the amount of 800-1,000. For more information please call us to discuss the exact fee on 0203-355-9660 from Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5.00pm or visit our Fees section on our website https://ab-money.co.uk/our-fee-ab.html

Is there a Transfer Limit?

   No, there is no transfer limit. You can transfer any amount from £/ €1.

How long does it take?

   You will receive the money in Thailand on the same day if you use Fast Track service or receive the money the next working day. For example, if you transfer on Monday you will get Monday rate and the money will be in Thailand on Tuesday; if you transfer on Saturday you will get Friday rate and the money will be in Thailand on the following Monday.

How to register to become a member?

Under the KYC procedures of HM Treasury and standard bank regulations you must have the following:

1. Prove of Identity i.e. Passport or Driving Licence

2. Prove of Address i.e. Utility Bills, Bank Statement, Council Tax Bills or other document that issued by a government agency/ organisation.

3. Current photo is a photo of you. Please make us that it is taken recently without wearing sunglass or headwear. You can register to become our member via our website https://ab-money.co.uk/ab-money-register-form Please make sure that you enter all required fields on the application.

How do we transfer your money?

   You will receive our bank details automatically via mail once you registered with us.

You can send money with us in 3 different ways

1. Bank Transfer 1) Internet banking from you UK account and other 32 countries in Europe. 2) Telephone banking 3) Branch/ counter banking *Please make sure that you state your membership number as a transaction reference and keep all the slip and important document with you until the money has been transferred to Thailand.

2. Debit/ Credit Card Transfer

1) You can transfer your fund to us by your bank debit or credit card. All you need to do is simply let us know the type of card, read out the long card number, expiry date and the 3-digits security number to us (just like what we used to do when ordering takeaways) and we will take the money for you.

2) Order your payment via our website www.ab-money.co.uk for Pound Sterling and www.abmoney.de for Euro just like you shopping online.

What are the Special Benefits for A&B Member?

  Once you have become our member you will receive many special benefits from us as below : - 1 x Free First Service Transfer (This permission is available to use at any time) - If you recommend us to a friend and once they have registered. You will receive a free transfer based on the number of referrals. Please make sure that you let them know your membership number as they need to enter on the ‘’how did you hear about us?’’ section on the application form on our website. - Fees start from £ /€2 for the first 1-100. - Fees stop at £/€15 for the amount over 1,000 - Risk free as we offer a ‘’Fixed Rate’’ meaning you will received the exact rate that shown on our website on that day you made your order. - Receive money in just 2 hours after 12.00pm if you order your payment using Fast Track Service. - Easy and Secure payment by Debit or Credit Card via www.ab-money.co.uk / www.abmoney.de for Euro or Application on smart phone.


  Will there be a confirmation / evidence of sending money? And what will be the guarantor if the money is not in Thailand?    After you have order your payment with us you will automatically receive an email confirmation before 5.00pm on the day stating the exchange rate, the amount transferred and the amount that you will receive in Thailand aswell as beneficiary account details.    If the money hasn’t arrived in Thailand, we will issue you with an ‘’International Issue Payment’’ and you can quote the reference number with your bank and they will be able to allocate the transaction. If the money hasn’t arrived appeared on your account in Thailand after providing the International Issue Payment reference, you need to obtain a ‘’Transaction Approve’’ certificate from your bank in Thailand and we will refund you in full. If we don’t refund you within 15 working days you can contact Financial Ombudsman under HM Treasury to receive your refund. *P.S. Payment Confirmation will only be sent to A&B members.

How to use the service?

   Please call us on 0203-355-9660 if you are in the UK and 0800-724-3923 if you are in Germany from Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 5.00pm (UK time). When you order your payment, you need to let us know the beneficially details such as Bank Name, Account Number, Account Name, Branch Name and Province when the account opened from. More information can be found on: www.ab-money.co.uk / www.abmoney.de

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